About us



     Founded as a cotton-made work glove manufacturer in 1999, Aynen Eldiven has continued to grow and flourish since that day on quality, capacity, and marketing. Starting with a small factory in Bursa, the company has grown dramatically in just a few years with its highly motivated employees. The company is now manufacturing in the factory which has 5000 m2 production area in the industrial region of Bursa.

Aynen Eldiven is the only manufacturer of a wide variety of nitrile coated cotton gloves in Turkey. The company is producing for Turkey's leader and top line work glove companies and continues to be the first choice of importing companies in Turkey. Furthermore, the company has started marketing and exporting the self-owned brand which is ‘’2G Nitrile’’ in 2014.


     The vision of the company is to be the most trusted and the best cotton-work glove manufacturer in the market. The global vision of Aynen Eldiven is to be a leader in the cotton-work glove manufacturing by investing in modern technology and giving priority to R and D in the sector of personal protective equipment.


     The mission of Aynen Eldiven is to become a world leader in domestic and international markets based on the company motto: 'The top quality glove with advanced technology and the best price with high production capacity'. The company gives particular importance to human health and naturalness, therefore, we insist on producing cotton-work glove and we reject the most commonly used polyester raw material. We offer creative solutions to our valued customers depending on their needs and requests.